Albert Parra is honored to have the support of a wide-ranging group of Arlington community leaders, current and former elected officials, citizens, and organizations.

Hon. Ruby Faye Woolridge
Arlington City Council Member

Hon. Sheri Capeheart
Former Mayor Pro-Tem

Hon. Ignacio Nunez, M.D.
Former Arlington City Council Member

Hon. Paula & Grey Pierson
Former State Representative
Former Arlington City Council Member

Hon. Jeannie and Will Deakyne
Tarrant County College Trustee

Hon. Justin and Anna Chapa
AISD Trustee

Hon. David and Herbie Wilbanks
Former AISD Trustee

Hon. Dan and Linda Dipert
Former AISD Trustee

Hon. Polly Walton
Former AISD Trustee

Rick and Janet Adams

Shirley Adams

Dr. Revathi Angitapalli

Virginia and David Baker

Gary and Nicole Baronick

Robyn Barrere

Angela Bazzell

Jonathan and Emily Berry

Adam and Kim Besly

Roy and Glenda Boenig

Matt and Lauren Brady

Jason Brezina

Sandra Campbell

Clara Castaneda

Tammy Chambers

Ryan and Sara Cosser

Jeff and Riann Cunningham

Michael Cunningham

Mark and Kelsey Daugette

Jeff and Josie Drewett

Alan and Angie Evans

Scott and Debbie Ericson

Marissa Ericson

Daniella Ericson

Charles Finicum

John Fischer

Dr. Prasanthi Ganesa

Val and Linda Gibson

Shelly Goetz

Brandi Griffin

Mike Gross

John and Stacy Harmond

James and Jenna Harris

Dawn and Kent Hart

Michael Henderson

Randy and Jolanda Hendricks

Chris Hightower

Brandon and Gara Hill

Danny and Christin Hiner

Connie Holland

Liz Holt

David and Suzanne Hooper

Lisa Jamieson

DeeJay Johannessen

Wendy and Kris Kelly

Amrit Kirpalani

Ron and Claire Knight

Jason Kruger

Brittany Lee

Sam Mahrouq

Dr. Shadan Mansoor

Rosalina Martinez

Brad and Katie Mikeska

Danielle Morgan

Thuy Nguyen

Judy Northup

Dr. Ray Page

Matt Pataky

Mike and Jan Peace

Mario Perez

Jimmy and Sue Phillips

Dr. Vinaya Potluri

Gaurav and Tierra Rawal

Drs. Bibas and Sharon Reddy

Ryan and Laura Reneau

Dr. Morvarid Rezaie

Ashlee and Reed Rivers

Michelle Rothschild

Tony and Cindy Ruck

Dr. Mary Ann Skiba

Craig and Jean Stevens

Scott and Melanie Timmons

Tony Tovar

Mark Upton

Dr. Nabila Waheed

Tom and Suzy Ware

Bruce and Twyla Williamson

Daniel Wood

Paul and Diane Wood

Stephen Zimmer